"Delicious and super creative flavors!! We love the Cookie Monster!"

Christine Higgins Coswatte

"My favorite is red velvet! So good I almost ate the whole thing before I got my change!"

Neosia Morris

"My all-time favorite flavors are lemon and strawberry shortcake. The lemon is tart and sweet, just how I like it, and the strawberry shortcake tastes exactly like strawberry shortcake, but in a cupcake! Nylah's flavors are innovative and cutting edge. She is not afraid of flavor combinations and this is why her products stay on high demand. At one point I felt like an employee of Nylah's Fat Thighz Cupcakes because I was constantly getting phone calls and texts from friends and family asking me to place orders for them. I even had out of state clients who kept asking me if shipping was available because they wanted to place orders, because of having heard about how good the cupcakes were! Do yourself a favor and place your order today. You can thank me later."

Stephanie Alva

I loved the chocolate they were so good that I had my Church of Christ order 4 dozen for our Ladies Day Seminar it was a success everyone ask me who made the cupcakes n of course no one but Nylah's Fat Thighz Cupcakes  ❤️

Ellen Pritzy Duckworth